“PIPING hot, Doll, piping hot.”

“Oh, Tec, it’s just an ensemble I’ve thrown together, but thank you!”

“I’m thinking about lunch my angel and how I like it. But come to think of it, you look grand.

“Come on, Toots. Let’s leave Tec Towers and head for Dennistoun. I have a very special place you’ll love.”

Before I could catch my breath to say another thing, Toots had her coat on and was standing in the door frame all set to enjoy lunch.

Amore d’Italia opened seven Septembers ago on one of Glasgow’s busiest streets, Alexandra Parade.

Reflecting its sister restaurant in the Merchant City, Amore d’Italia is the home of great food and great service in a perfectly relaxed atmosphere.

As we arrived, mine host greeted us with an electric smile.

In seconds, Toots had made herself at home in a corner, tilting a nod at everyone around and delighted to feel so regal.

I paused to reflect if she’d been influenced by the old Embassy Regal factory along the road, however, I thought the better of mentioning it out loud and ordered some wine instead.

But this was more than just some wine.

This was a single vineyard Sauvignon Bianco from Trentino, to the north of Italy.

“Now that’s a find, Tec,” said Toots after a sip. Well after two or three sips to be truthful.

“It’s so soft and aromatic,” she added.

“And like yourself my dear, it’s extremely fresh and crisp with an elegant structure,” I suggested.

Her bri-nylon lashes fluttered as she stage-whispered: “And with a long finish too.”

“Ahem, Madam. Ready to order?”

Indeed we both were.

Madam settled for mozzarella sticks with a Napoli dip to start, while I returned to an old favourite from Sicily, arancini.

“This cheese is just perfect,” she said, offering me a piece on the side. And indeed it was. A plump texture, brilliantly white, coated in fine crumb and made to melt in the mouth.

“What's that you’ve got?” she inquired.

I invited Toots to try the Sicilian risotto balls, stuffed with ham, peas, mozzarella di latte with a stunning ragu sauce.

She gave me a smile and was one happy bunny.

“You know what, Toots. This is like being at home this place. It’s cosy, it’s comfortable and I like the atmosphere.

“I also like the food and I’m focussing in on the comfort after one lousy week.”

The tall droll moll knew my direction of travel on the menu.

Macaroni cheese.

The tasty-looking dish arrived: the short and chunky gomiti pasta was smothered in the chef’s home made creamy cheddar cheese sauce and topped with even more cheese – fresh parmesan.

“And it’s piping hot, Tec. Just as you like it.”

It was a day for favourites and as we clinked our glasses together, Toots began to savour her lasagne.

I could tell it had that magical touch to it, because it kept her quiet and we both relaxed and enjoyed our mains.

I say relaxed but I also reflected on the week just gone. Sure it had been tough and it got me thinking about the day job.

I was tired of being pushed around for nickels and dimes so I decided perhaps I'd write about murder. It's safer and besides, they tell me the profits are good.

“Tec! You’re away in a daze,” muttered the moll.

“Oh, sorry doll, it wasn’t a daze, it was a dream. Just like you.”

“Pudding?” I suggested, then swiftly said dessert before I landed in even more trouble.

We both opted for Tiramisu, the traditional Italian sponge soaked in coffee, Baileys and dusted gently with cocoa. Even more magic.

The autumn sun shone on the Parade as we stepped out.

“Oh that was so good, Tec. Grazie!” said Toots as she kissed my cheek.

“That’s Amore, my dear. And like you, always a delight.”

Amore d’Italia

506 Alexandra Parade

Glasgow G31 3BQ

0141 551 9595


Three course lunch special £10.95 per person


Sauvignon Bianco £19.95



Atmosphere – 4

Food – 4

Service – 4