I AM truly sorry to read the sad news about the death of Christopher Butcher (Evening Times October 18).

The worst news any parent can receive.

A brave young man in his prime unable to forget his experiences while serving his country.

My deepest condolences to the Butcher family.

Mark Allen, posted online

In it for profit

THE news about the crumbling tenement, (Evening Times October 18) this is a problem not just in Govanhill, it covers all areas of Scotland.

A previous government decided to sell off all the council housing stock to tenants. Not a bad thing for people who wanted to own their own home but the problem now though is a lot of those homes have fell into the hands of private landlords.

They have no interest in the upkeep of these properties and are only in it for profit.

Colin Kelly, posted online

Check inside too

IT’S not only the exterior of tenements in Govanhill which are in decay and should be checked - the tenement flats, closes and stairways should be checked.

The closes and stairways are crumbling, what state are the flats in?

Southside Central is a pressurised ward, known for overcrowded housing and buildings in disrepair.”

Overcrowding by people who have no interest in the flats or the district where they’re living. The big tragedy is yet to happen.

Angus McKay, posted online

Failing in duty

LET’S Save Govanhill has as one of their campaign demands insisted that a full audit of all housing stock in Govanhill be carried out.

Statutory bodies have ignored them and continued to present Govanhill as a vibrant area.

They would rather risk lives than admit their dereliction of duty and failure to implement existing legislation.

Fiona Jordan, posted online

Step too far

READING about the plan to offer pregnant women cash incentives to stop smoking (Evening Times October 18), this is yet another rape of the tax payers money.

Not long ago it was baby boxes, now high street vouchers for stopping smoking.

I hate to think what our taxes will pay for next.

Linda Ferguson, posted online