A DISABLED teenager has been trapped at home during an 11 year wait for a ground floor property.

Tanveer Hussein lives in a top floor flat in Govanhill - but he is wheelchair bound, meaning his life is severely restricted.

His sister Hannah said she and her mother first applied for a ground floor property in 2006.

The 19-year-old was so keen to help Tanveer, 18, that she set up an online petition, which generated nearly 1500 signatures supporting her call to the family's landlord, Govanhill Housing Association.

Now, in response to contact from the Evening Times, the housing association has revealed there is a new build property the Hussein family will be able to move into next year.

Hannah said: "I am so happy about learning about our new house because my brother really deserves it, we have been waiting for so long.

"This will make such a difference now - my brother will be able to go outside."

In order to leave the house Hannah or her mum have to bump Tanveer's wheelchair down 41 stairs.

Over the years this has become more difficult as Tanveer has grown and his mum now suffers back problems, which means only Hannah can move her brother.

Tanveer was offered a place at college but had to turn it down as he would not be able to get there without his sister, who is a student herself.

She said: "I am always scared bringing him up and down the stairs. It also means that when I am out at college my mum and brother are stuck in the house.

"I took a year out of college to help but I'm back studying now and my mum and brother need to be independent."

A spokeswoman for Glasgow Disability Alliance said a lack of disabled housing is a problem across the city and Tanveer's case is a familiar story to the charity.

Depute CEO Marianne Scobie said: "Although Tanveer's story is shocking to hear about, it is not unusual. Many of our members have been in similar situations as there is a real lack of accessible housing across the city.

"Our members have been campaigning hard on this issue."

John McLardie, tenant and chairman of Govanhill Housing Association, said: "We know that Tanveer and his family have had to wait too long, sadly this is an all too common problem.

"Where we are unable to offer immediate help we can support applicants to consider all their options and apply to other housing associations, which we did on this occasion.

"Understandably Mrs Akhtar and her family preferred to remain in Govanhill.

"A New Build development has recently gone on site, and as the family are high on our waiting list, we can provide Tanveer and his family with a flat designed around his particular current and future needs by June next year.

"Govanhill Housing Association owns mainly smaller sized tenement housing and ground floor flats are not always large enough to be adapted.

"Where we are able to develop new housing we do build in accommodation for people with varying needs.

"The reality is that at a city wide level, and in Govanhill, there is a shortage of appropriate, good quality homes for disabled people. Where we are able to build flats with adaptations we remain committed to doing so."