This is the moment a Celtic fan launched into a pro-IRA song live on German TV.

Sky Sports Germany posted the clip on social media which showed a shades wearing supporter bellting out a version of ‘Broad Black Brimmer’.

The Twitter video has since gone viral after the TV company, who were oblivious to the song, captioned the clip "Cheers Celtic" after speaking to fans outside Bayern Munich stadium. 

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Celtic fans also appeared in a clip chanting pro-IRA lyrics at Manchester airport. 

The clip, posted on social media, shows groups of fans chanting in an airport lounge. 

Taken before Celtic's Champions League defeat last night, supporters wearing Celtic strips jump up and down and bang on the walls chanting 'Ooh ah up the'RA'.

Meanwhile, Celtic fans were branded piglets for the mess they left on the streets of Munich.

News outlet Rosenheim 24 wrote: "The Scottish fans are mainly known for their unconditional and loud support.

"New is the fact that there are so many "piglets" among them."

The Scottish champions were beaten 3-0 at the hands of Bayern Munich. Brendan Rodgers side conceded goals to Thomas Muller and Joshua Kimmich in the first half and Mats Hummels in the second half to crash to a painful loss in their third Group B game in the Allianz Arena last night.