Squandering cash

SO, “we” may pay pregnant woman to stop smoking. ( Evening Times October 18)

Really, I despair at the ways some crackpots want to squander taxpayers money.

How on earth will this be monitored and by whom and at what cost?

Is professor Carol Tannahill going to go round every pregnant smoker and breathalyse them on a daily basis?

It sounds more like free fag money to me.

If Glasgow health board want advice on how to spend money I suggest more hospital beds.

FMK, by email

Applaud support

I APPLAUD the MP Chris Stephens for supporting workers rights. (Evening Times October 19)

Many firms completely disregard rights for workers and when they do ask for a break from a seven day shift are told to take time off on the sick.

Good luck Mr Stephens!

Marie McGuire, by email

Diabetes help

MANY of your readers with diabetes may be unaware of the importance of looking after their feet. People with diabetes should have their feet checked at least annually and should be taught how to look after their feet themselves.

Around 130 diabetes-related amputations take place every week in this country alone, mainly as a result of foot ulcers and around 80% of these are avoidable with proper foot care.

We want to try to reduce the risks of foot damage and amputations in people with diabetes, so we have a booklet called ‘Diabetes – Looking After Your Feet’.

This is designed to help people to look after their feet. If foot ulcers are left untreated they can eventually lead to amputation.

Your readers can obtain a free copy of ‘Diabetes – Looking After Your Feet’ by calling 01604 622837 or email jenny@iddtinternational.org

Jenny Hirst, InDependent Diabetes Trust

Talking sense

READING about Thomas Kerr growing up in poverty to become a Tory, this guy talks a lot of sense for a 21-year-old. (Evening Times October 19)

Where I take exception is his hero worshipping of Margaret Thatcher.

He says her impact has changed this country for the better.

No, wrong. She left a legacy of poverty and workless households which passed to the next generations. The woman destroyed communities.

Aside from that, he makes sense.

Carol Daly, posted online