WITH the sale of fireworks in shops more than three weeks before Guy Fawkes night, inevitable idiots have started setting them off already.

They are doing this on nights when its pouring with rain. Totally pointless.

The need to tighten laws around the sale off fireworks couldn’t be greater as they are a real danger in the wrong hands.

Why can’t people accept official fireworks displays are far safer with far less burns from them.

Jill Ferguson, Crow Road

Shocking roads

READING about potholes being the equivalent of four miles deep (Evening Times October 19), this is no surprise really.

The roads are shocking and in Glasgow there’s many a pothole that would break an anvil.

Considering how much motorists are squeezed it really is not acceptable.

I do feel a lot of blame lies with third party contractors not repairing the roads properly after digging them up, but then the council are clearly not inspecting the work afterwards and forcing them to revisit the repair and do it properly.

Name and address withheld

Excellent move

THE ban on smacking is an excellent move. (Evening Times October 19)

It has lots of cross party support and Scotland is leading where other home nations are sure to follow.

Fair enough, mild smacking never did much harm, but little evidence it did much good either.

It was only ever used when parents ran out of patience, let's be honest.

All parents need to do now is stand their ground on whatever non violent sanction works for their kid(s)and follow through and never, ever, give in to pester power.

Putting an expectation on parents to persevere and do this through the introduction of this law will encourage and not hinder.

Many brilliant teachers do this day in and day out in their classrooms by being firm, fair and completely consistent in their sanctions without resort to violence.

Why can’t parents do the same?

Gregor Cox, posted online

Authority needed

THE reason we have so many people thinking they can get away with anything these days is down to lackadaisical and unfit parents not being authoritative enough.

That’s not to mention this (keep them out of jail at all costs) joke justice system.

Jamie Campbell, posted online