“WHAT have you done to my slacks doll face? They don’t fit,” I grumbled as I struggled.

Toots smiled, “Well, well, well honey. I have been waiting to tell you this but recently you have packed on the beef. 

“I am sorry but you have to know these things. I mean look at me, and well look at you.”

She was right, it was a rarity but her ladyship had a point and determined to get back into my favourite slacks, I declared a war on food. I piped up, “Ok toots, from now on I am only chewin’ the rabbit food, guzzling the greens and taking a swig of the H20.”

She beamed: “Well this is just swell as I too wanted to shift a few pounds and I think we should eat something real healthy tonight for dinner.”

She had planned this all along, I thought to myself. This is classic behaviour from the moll. With not many healthy joints to choose from in the city, we decided on a place called Prep Fitness Kitchen on Bath Street.

We ditched the Buick, and walked a few miles from my office to the restaurant – and I was already feeling thinner. 

We arrived and were pointed to empty seats by the broad working there. She warned there was no table service.

“Typical,” I moaned.

“They expect you to work for your food either, no waiting service, well have you ever heard of such a thing?” I barked as Toots rolled her eyes.

The menu was simple with nutritional values all listed next to each meal. This place was serious, I thought to myself.

I looked around the joint and it felt like I was surrounded by all these sheiks.

I decided on the power bean burger which comes with sweet potato dumbbells – of course what else would they come with – and kaleslaw.

Toots went for a burger too, except she chose the signature dish, harissa chicken burger. 

We were handed a timer, which goes off when your food is ready and you collect it from the kitchen.

For drinks, the only option that appealed to us was green cola, which was actually real tasty. 

Our meals were ready, and we got stuck in. 

Despite the healthiness of the dishes, they were full of flavour. I was

surprised. Both myself and Toots demolished our plates. 

The sweet potato dumbbells were cooked to perfection. Sweet potato can often be overcooked in joints which leaves the vegetable soggy. But in this case, they were just right. The kaleslaw tasted like coleslaw, except it had more nutritional values. The burgers were divine, the brioche style buns just added to their appeal.

Our stomachs were packed to the brim and I was feeling good about my choices. Out of sheer greed I wanted another slice of the Prep Kitchen action, so myself and her ladyship agreed to share chocolate and banana protein pancakes. 

The chocolate was nothing like I had tasted before, due to the fact it was only 70 per cent cocoa. But the flavour was something new and I loved it. The pancakes were a real treat as it felt like you were being naughty without the calories. 

Prep Fitness Kitchen is the type of place you go when you want to be good and fill your body with the right nutrients. It does what it says on the tin. Except that tin is packed with flavour, and a lot of healthy sheiks and broads, including me.

Prep Fitness Kitchen, 22 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 1HB. Telephone 0141 332 3763.
Food: ****
Atmosphere: **
Service: *
The menu: 
Harissa chicken burger £9.50
Power bean burger £8.95
Green cola (x4) £1.95
Chocolate and Banana protein pancakes £7.50