A LEADING charity is set to appeal a council fee for remedial works after leaving Bellahouston Park in a muddy mess.

Following Cancer Research UK's Pretty Muddy 5K race in September, complaints were made over the state of the park, the leftover litter and the sight of female participants on the day stripping off from their dirty clothes in public.

On Tuesday, councillors Alex Wilson and Elaine McSporran held a meeting with Glasgow City Council to address the issues raised.

Councillor Wilson told the Evening Times that he had met with the race organisers and the council ahead of the event.

He said: "Concerns had been raised in the past about the litter and the condition of the park. There was also indecent exposure where the women were stripping off in the side streets to avoid taking mud into their cars. I'm not a prude, but it's a family park with children and the elderly."

At the meeting before the event, councillor Wilson suggested providing changing facilities. Although they were put in place, some women were still caught stripping down in full view outside.

Councillor Wilson added that almost two months after the event, there are still lots of plastic drinking bottles next to the carpark at the Palace of Art and discarded clothing covered in mud lying around.

The Pretty Muddy event – a 5K obstacle course where female participants scramble over items and crawl through mud pits – is to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Thousands took part this year, collecting a whopping £215,000 to go towards the good work of the charity.

Councillor Wilson stressed: "Nobody wants to take the event away. I think it's fantastic. I'm 100 per cent behind it and praised them for their effort."

DF Concerts' Glasgow Summer Sessions 2017 – headlined by Eminem – took place in the park on August 24. The Pretty Muddy event was then held less than a month later on September 16.

The councillor believes the park suffered with two events scheduled so closely together.

He noted: "We had a horrendous summer where the weather was shocking.

"The council didn't have a chance to carry out remedial work between the Summer Sessions and mud event because of the weather.

"Work has been done to the park to try and restore the damage, but it will take longer than anticipated."

DF Concerts was also handed a fee to reinstate the park grounds, however did not wish to comment.

Councillor Wilson believes the best way forward is to move the Pretty Muddy event to another location or a new date so as it doesn't clash with Summer Sessions.

He added: "It's not about taking it away – it's about improvements.

"I'd like to be a part of the consultation to avoid any situations like this in the future, so they can deliver a successful event."

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman confirmed that Cancer Research UK was given free use of the park through its charity status. Despite signing a contract agreeing to pay for any remedial works if needed following the event, the race organisers intend to appeal the fee.

Susan Johnstone, national events manager for Cancer Research UK, said: “We are extremely grateful to the thousands of people who took part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life Pretty Muddy event at Bellahouston Park, helping raise an incredible £215,000.

“We’re proud that Glasgow is home to Scotland’s largest Pretty Muddy event. It is through the generosity of our supporters that our research has helped to fuel the progress that has seen survival rates for cancer in the UK double in the last 40 years.

“We were disappointed to receive a fee for reinstating the grounds at Bellahouston Park this year and are currently appealing this decision.

"We would like to return to Bellahouston Park in 2018 with a Pretty Muddy event as it is an amazing venue.

"As women get muddy taking part in this 5K mud-splattered obstacle course, we provide changing facilities on site so participants can change out of muddy clothes before returning home.

"These changing facilities were clearly signposted at the event this year and the presenter on event day advised people to make use of them.

"They were also well used on event day.

"We are working hard to ensure the event in 2018 causes minimal disruption and is a success.”