A SCHOOL has been struck down by the winter vomiting bug, with nearly 60 children and staff off sick.

Norovirus has swept through Old Monkland Primary and Nursery School in Coatbridge.

Several members of staff and 59 children, 55 school pupils and four children at the nursery, are affected by the illness.

Pupils have been asked not to attend school or nursery for 48 hours if they are feeling unwell.

A North Lanarkshire Council spokesman said: "Old Monkland Primary School has been affected by a sickness outbreak, with 55 children and seven staff not at school on Friday.

"In addition, four children in the nursery are off ill. The council has notified the public health service at NHS Lanarkshire as an advisory measure.

"In line with general guidance, the school has asked parents to keep affected pupils off school for 48 hours after they are free of symptoms, to avoid further spread of any infection."