HIDDEN artifacts from the Glasgow Museums collection are being brought back on show in a new exhibition.

Artist Aaron Angell has created new works for the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) using ceramic sculpture, painting, Victorian furniture and plant life.

At the centre of the exhibition is the Glasgow Museums Wardian Case, an early type of sealed protective container for plants

It is the first time the fern case will be displayed in more than a quarter of a century.

It was conserved especially for the exhibition and is to be fully planted with a range of ferns and mosses in a style reminiscent of its original display in the mid-nineteenth century.

One of the very few surviving, original Wardian Cases, the piece was built a stone’s throw from GoMA and dates from around 1860.

Chairman of Glasgow Life, David McDonald, said: “It’s exciting to engage with an artist like Aaron who has taken time to delve into the city’s extensive collection and in doing so has rediscovered a beautiful Wardian case.

"Working with Aaron has allowed us to refocus our attention on a truly visually stimulating object, one which hasn’t been on show for quite some time and bring it back to life for the public to enjoy.

“Aaron Angell’s new show is the flagship exhibition in GoMA’s programme for the forthcoming year.

"I urge people to visit and consider how the different artworks created add to the narration of GoMA’s history that is explored elsewhere in the building.”