A MAN who went berserk sparked a two-hour cop siege when he appeared at his flat window with knives.

William Devine held a kitchen blade up and told the police officers in attendance: “This one’s for you.”

The 59-year-old then held a Stanley knife up and threatened: “This one’s for me.”

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told that the accused first came to the attention of witnesses at around 7pm on August 24 last year. 

A neighbour who lived below Devine heard a loud thump and then spotted the accused throwing items from his first-floor flat window.

Devine shouted as he launched glass, china plates, photo frames and a metal pedal bin out onto the street. The neighbour called 999 to report the incident.

At around 7.10pm, a separate witness challenged the accused after discovering their car roof had been dented by the items thrown from the window. Devine told the complainer that he would pay £20 to get it fixed.

When the police arrived, the accused was spotted hanging out his window with a mobile phone.

The officers asked him to remain in the property, but requested entry.

Devine warned them off. He stated that he had a knife and would use it unless it was his daughter at the door.

At that point he held a black-handled kitchen blade up and told the police: “This one’s for you.”

He then held a Stanley knife up and threatened: “This one’s for me.”

As the police attempted to gain entry, Devine menaced: “Yous f**kers get away from here.”

Members from the Scottish Ambulance Service and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attended alongside public order officers to bring the situation to an end. Devine refused to engage with the police negotiators at first. He repeatedly shouted and swore, poured boiling water out the window, and dropped a number of knives.

It was not until 9.50pm when Devine finally stood down. 

The accused was not charged at the time due to his erratic state, but later pleaded guilty to acting in a threatening manner, brandishing knives, throwing items, and damaging a car.

In defence it was explained that Devine was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2006 following a knife attack. 

On the day of this incident, the accused became anxious and lost control when he believed a group of males were on their way to get him.

Sheriff Barry Divers sentenced Devine, of Clifford Street, to a Community Payback Order with supervision for 18 months. He was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to cover the cost of the damaged vehicle.