A Glasgow woman has been left horrified after she chipped her tooth while tucking into a Greggs steak bake.

Debbie Keaveney, from Whiteinch, purchased a box of the frozen treats from Iceland in Anniesland Road, Knightswood.

After baking and tucking into one at home, she was left stunned when she found a 7cm-long bone in the centre.

The 47-year-old cleaner said: “I couldn’t believe it. You just don’t expect to find something like that.

“I complained to Greggs and sent the bone away to them.

“After carrying out an investigation, they offered me £15 in vouchers, but I think that’s disgusting.”

Debbie has a young son and a dog and said she could have given the pasty to either, something she fears could have been fatal.

When Debbie hit back at Greggs over their gesture, she was told by a customer service representative: “We can’t guarantee our food which contains meat are free from bone, however, we’ve raised this with our supplier to minimise this type of experience from happening again.

“We’ve asked for extra checks to be carried out and moving forward, we’ll monitor this closely.

“We’d love to offer you a voucher code for £15 so you can use this to give us another try.

“We’re sorry you were offended by our gesture of goodwill. This certainly wasn’t our intention.

“If you take this further through a third party, this will leave our hands at customer care and their response will be the final say in the matter.”

Debbie insists she is not after money. She added: “I just want to raise awareness and get word out there for people to be careful.

“Greggs is a big company. Things like that just shouldn’t happen.”

A spokeswoman for Greggs told the Evening Times: “We’re sorry to hear of this complaint and will investigate fully.

“We have rigorous quality control checks in place and will be looking at how this could have happened.”