OUR pothole campaign has got the city talking - and sharing stories of road woes.

Readers are getting in touch to tell us about the damage to their vehicles they are suffering thanks to crumbling carriageways.

Mary Mackie is the latest to contact the Evening Times as part of our #spothole campaign.

She says she was left with a £300 bill to repair damage to her wheels - and said Glasgow City Council refuse to pay compensation.

Mary was driving along Edinburgh Road in the East End on August 2 with her husband and seven-year-old daughter in the car.

She told us: "When we got to the junction of Edinburgh Road and Stepps Road all of a sudden my car made a huge banging noise and rose slightly in the left side of the car like I had hit something.

"We all got such a fright and my daughter in particular was very scared.

"We pulled over to find both my tyres had blown out and my alloy wheels had been seriously damaged.

"When investigating we found the tar on the road had clearly melted at some point and the road has a large bump.

"It’s a very busy junction of the road where cars are going in different directions and emergency services do speed along it.

"This horrifies me as we were not going at speed and this happened to us - I can't even imagine what could happen."

Mary said the road is still in poor condition - as seen in these photographs - yet claims the council told her the road is checked.

She added: "I put a claim into Glasgow City Council and they have refused to compensate me the £300 it cost me to repair my car.

"They state they checked the road on July 25 and it was fine and it is check 12 times per year.

"The road is still in this disgusting condition and to this day almost six months on and I believe it was like this some time before my incident.

"I want to know when in the 12 months these checks happen.

"I really hope this is repaired soon before anything really bad happens.

"Also I hope this helps flag the area to other road users to be cautious."

We are offering a prize of new tyres worth up to £1000 for the driver who finds us Glasgow's biggest pothole.

If you have to claim for pothole repairs you can do so on the Glasgow City Council website at the link: www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid= 18680

We need you to take a photograph of the pothole using an item such as a copy of the Evening Times for scale and send it to us via direct message on our Facebook page.

Alternatively, e-mail your pothole to news@eveningtimes.co.uk, or tweet it using the hashtag #spothole.

Give us your name, the location of the pothole, its size and tell us how long it's been there. The pothole we deem to be the most dangerous based on size, location and length of time left unresolved will win the prize.

We will print your name with your picture.