Beer drinkers, look away, because the news isn’t good - the price of a pint is set to soar by as much as 12p on some of the nation’s biggest and most popular brands.

The revelation has come to light today (Tuesday) from trade journal Morning Advertiser.

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Stella, Carling, Budweiser, and Worthington will all rise by up to 3.9 per cent - with some brands raising prices as early as next week.

The amount the prices rise by will depend on how much boozers currently charge.

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The changes are coming about as companies raise their beer prices to above inflation over the next 12 months.

A spokesperson for AB InBev told the Advertiser: “Increases in the cost of packaging materials, utilities and raw ingredients have meant it is necessary to increase our prices.

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“The price increase has been kept to the minimum level required to enable us to continue to invest in our business and customers, and to deliver great customer service and well-supported beer brands.

“The price increase varies from brand to brand, however, the average increase is between 3% and 3.2% across our portfolio.”

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