FIREFIGHTERS have offered assurances to the Pavilion Theatre that they will be working to save the iconic city venue.

Glasgow Times:

Renfrew Lane, above, separates the site of the fire at Victoria's Nightclub on Sauchiehall Street and the fear is one of Glasgow's oldest theatres could sustain significant damage.

Glasgow Times:

We have reported how a fire started on Sauchiehall Street after 8.30am this morning prompting and emergency evacuation of several retailers.

One of those to be evacuated was staff at the Pavilion Theatre.

Glasgow Times:

General manager Iain Gordon, above, said: "The Fire Brigade did say that their priority is to save the Pavilion. I am quite encouraged by that.

"Hopefully the fire is far enough away from us at the moment. I think our major problem is going to be smoke damage inside because there is an extensive cloud of smoke everywhere."

The Pavillion staff were shocked by how quickly the fire developed after starting their working day like any other.

Iain said: "My staff went in this morning, they saw about 10 or 12 firefighters up the lane and there was no sign of smoke. Then five minutes later it was panic."

Iain and his staff have no idea when they will get access to the iconic theatre which has a packed schedule of sold-out shows over the next few days.

Glasgow Times:

Jonathan Pie: Back to the Studio has already been cancelled and Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert is due to run Friday with A Vision of Elvis on Saturday.

The Pavilion, however, have no idea how long it will take for them to get access to the theatre.

Iain said: "I did speak to one of the Fire Brigade and they estimated that this could be burning for two or three days.

"It erupts all of a sudden and they think they have most of it but it could potentially be two or three days before this is under control."

He added: "I think the flames are are far away from us and hopefully the Fire Brigade will do what they say and protect our building."

One of Glasgow's oldest theatres, the Pavilion Theatre of Varieties opened on 29 February 1904 as a Music hall.

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