A leading union has called for a cap on the number of private hire cabs in Glasgow.

Unite claim that supply is outstripping demand in the taxi trade, meaning full-time drivers are having to work longer hours just to get by.

Glasgow City councillors this week agreed measures that will see the cost of hiring a black hackney increase by 2.49%.

That means punters will have to fork out a £3 initial fee – up from £2.80 – plus additional costs for the remaining distance and time spent in the cab.

But Unite’s cab section secretary Steven Grant insisted that while a price increase is fair for both the taxi firms and passengers, more should be done to help drivers.

He said: “The council have licenced over 3500 private hire cabs and there doesn’t seem to be any end to it.

“Glasgow’s private hire numbers are ahead of most other cities. That’s putting pressure on our drivers.

“We believe supply is outstripping demand in the private hire trade.

“The main culprit is Uber because they operate a pay as you go model. Essentially you have drivers who have it as a second job and they’ll come out at peak times.

“There has to be a decision made on capping private hire drivers.”

The council’s licensing and regulatory committee made the decision to increase fares amid concerns that app-based firms, like Uber, are taking business from traditional taxi companies.

It follows recommendations by research body, Taxi Research Partner, who reported that there had been a decline in the number of miles black hacks were being occupied in hires.

Stephen Flynn, chairman of Glasgow Taxis said the increase would bring black hackney prices in line with private hire fares.

And following the decision, SNP councillor Alex Wilson said: “It was a no-brainer.

“I’ve spoken to Unite the union who say that there has been a downturn in taxi use because of the rise in app-based companies.

“We’ve been looking at raising fares for quite a while now.

“We have been in consultation with the trade and the unions. They were happy with it and we have had no objections to it so far.”

Other costs like extras for additional passengers, unsocial hours and public holiday fares will remain unchanged under the proposals.