THIS is the shocking moment a so-called “junkie” passed out at an Asda self-service checkout with a cookie in hand.

The incident took place at the supermarket chain’s branch in Motherwell on Saturday.

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The image was posted on Twitter by user Darn Ferguson who wrote: “Just seen a junkie asleep with a cookie in hand in #motherwell Asda self service tills. #junkiesmakemotherwell.”

The image shows the man unconscious in the packing area of the till while clutching onto a biscuit.

Glasgow Times:

Two members of staff attempt to wake him up while a little girl closeby looks on.

The post has gathered over 3,000 reactions with opinion divided among many.

Seeming to find the incident amusing, comments from some included, “Unexpected item in the baggage area,” “Unexpected Walloper in baggage area” and “BEEP BEEP.....You need to touch the screen ‘don't want to bag this item’.”

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Other users of the site, however, didn’t find the incident so funny.

“Someone’s son. Someone’s brother...there by the grace of god go I,” was one comment.

Another said: “To be reborn 1000’s of times over into many different lives so that we can gain understanding of what it is like to be in someone else's shoes. Pity most of us have forgotten this.”

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“And people say we should help the homeless. I’d rather put my money in a fruit machine than help this guy,” was another poster’s view, to which someone else replied, “No onI said he was homeless. The tweet called him a junkie.”

Darn described how the man “was like that for a good 15 minutes at least,” possibly even longer since he had to leave the shop. 

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He added: “I don’t think he was refusing to budge, just refusing to wake up. The guy was clearly on some sort of drugs.

“The Asda staff were trying to wake him up without obviously touching him or anything and failed so I think they phoned the police.”

“It was attracting quite a crowd at this point. I’m unaware if the man woke up before or after the police arrived,” he added, according to The Scottish Sun.