GLASGOW City Council has been called on to take "radical and comprehensive" action to improve homelessness services after a damning report.

The Scottish Housing Regulator released its report into how the council and the city's registered social landlords (RSLs) work to secure homes for people who are homeless.

Only half of those who needed homes, around 2000 people, were given accommodation while people spent on average 238 days in temporary accommodation.

Now Shelter Scotland director Graeme Brown has said "unacceptable practices must stop."

He said: "Shelter Scotland has for years been raising concerns about the experience of homeless people in Glasgow.

"In particular, we have serious concerns that Glasgow City Council is too often failing to meet its legal duty to find suitable homes for homeless households and that too many people are being turned away from the services they have a legal right to.

"These unacceptable practices must stop now. Radical and comprehensive action is now needed.

“We hope this report will force Glasgow City Council to sit up and take the meaningful action needed so that they meet their statutory duties for all homeless people in the city.”

The Regulator’s report calls on the council to streamline its approach to assessment and referral.

Its recommendations for RSLs include that governing bodies should oversee their RSL’s performance to ensure this always complies with Scottish Ministers’ Guidance on housing people who are homeless.

Michael Cameron, the Regulator’s Chief Executive said: “Local authorities have a duty to provide homes to people who are homeless. RSLs have a duty to help them do that.

“The council is not housing enough people who are homeless quickly enough and it is not referring enough people to RSLs to meet housing need.

"Some RSLs make a good contribution to providing homes to people who are homeless, some have more to do.

“We expect the council and its partners to respond positively to the recommendations in our report. The council must improve urgently the services it provides for people who are homeless.”

However, council bosses said improvements have been made in the city, which the Regulator's report acknowledges.

The city has been working on an improvement plan over the past three years to redesign how services are delivered.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “We are pleased the report acknowledges the important improvements that are being made in Glasgow’s homelessness system.

“The report also identifies many areas of positive practice in Glasgow’s homelessness system and also the scale of the challenge faced by the city’s support services.

“As the regulator recognises, the council and its partners are working together more effectively to support those affected by homelessness."