HOUSING bosses have introduced state-of-the-art new CCTV to hit back at gang culture.

The Evening Times told earlier this month how a teenage gang likened to a "pack of hyenas" had caused misery in Haghill.

Milnbank Housing Association was working with police to take back control - and now they have a new weapon in the fight.

CCTV cameras in the area have now doubled from 50 to 100 and Milnbank has equipped cops with high-tech hand held screens.

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Joe Scott, Housing Services Manager, said: "Milnbank has had a CCTV system in place for almost 20 years and was one of the first to take up the tool for public reassurance, community safety and to safeguard our assets.

"Over the years we have been very keen to develop and improve the technology with further enhancements and we've become the first housing association to provide Police Scotland with hand held devices.

"We hope they will act as a deterrent as people start to know the cameras are there."

Milnbank spend £80,000 on CCTV in its community but the new upgrade gives extra tools for housing bosses and police.

Mr Scott added: "The previous technology meant police had to be watching the hand held screens continuously in case of an incident and you can't expect them to be walking along looking at a camera.

"The technology is high-tec and better than what Community Safety Glasgow is using are the city."

Read more: Snapchat gang terrorising Haghill

Now the machines beep to alert police to any incidents that might be happening in the area.

They have facial recognition and numberplate recognition so are able to identify persons of interest and track their movements.

The cameras, which are controlled from the housing association's offices, also have night vision.

Cameras are stationed at the entrance to closes and at back courts.

Mr Scott said the equipment will be used in various ways.

He said: "If people are locked out of their house then they can call the office, we can see who is there and buzz them in. People will kick the door down so we hope this will save on damage.

"It will also allow us to monitor traffic in and out of closes - high levels of traffic can mean drug dealing.

"And we can keep a check on dog fouling and fly tipping in back courts.

"Also, we can monitor if a tenant is not using their door for a day or two so we can send a staff member round to check they are ok."

Milnbank is also in talks to put a camera at the local primary to try and manage parking around the school.