THE victim of a mysterious incident which saw one car park on top of another vehicle has revealed that he has been singled out by other drivers for abuse.

Commuters and passers-by were shocked in January last year when they spotted a Mazda MX6 on top of a VW Golf at Kirkcaldy Railway Station car park in Fife.

Now the driver of the Mazda Mark Robinson has come forward to set the record straight and revealed that he was shocked to find his car on top of another vehicle.

Despite being 40 miles away when it happened, he has been singled out by other motorists for abuse in the weeks and months following the incident.

Another car hit Mark’s Mazda and continued forcing it backwards over a pavement and up on top of the Golf before the driver realised and contacted police.

Mark, who had left his car parked in a space with the handbrake on as normal, says he found out what had happened after being tagged in a Facebook post.

He said: “I was in Edinburgh. I was tagged in a post on Facebook as my car is very recognisable as it’s quite rare.

“When I saw it I was just shocked.

"I called the police to find out what was happening, and the description of the accident was ‘she saw the parking space, reversed back, and that’s when she clipped you’.

“But police were just leaving it to the insurance companies, even though she had pushed me back about 5 metres across a footpath.”

“It was published in a national tabloid newspaper. I received personal insults from people who just thought I had left my car like that."

The car held a high sentimental value for Mark, who now lives in Oxford, ever since he bought one following a big accident in the 1990s which left him with a fractured skull.

He has been left frustrated with the picture frequently resurfacing online without any context to the actual events of the day.

Mark says that the car is now scrapped but has since bought a new one which, despite the setback, is currently being customised to resemble his old car.

He added: “The car means a lot to me. When I had an accident in 1995, I fractured my skull, was in a coma, woke up a different person, and the first thing I did when I got back to work was buy an MX6 as it was my dream car.

“You can imagine my frustration when it keeps appearing on social media and people say ‘look at this idiot’.

“I’m the one that suffers from it. The driver that did it got way Scot free, even though she pushed a two-tonne car across a public footpath.

“I was driving the car, because it was still roadworthy immediately after, and I had to look into repairs.

"The passenger in the car next to me rolled down the window and swore at me.

“The car’s now scrapped. I’m out of pocket by thousands. I only got £1140 for the write-off.”