INDEPENDENCE supporters have vowed to bring the streets of Scotland's largest city to a standstill next month.

Organisers of a rally in support of leaving the UK have predicted that more than 40,000 people will march in Glasgow on Saturday, May 5.

The All Under One Banner (AUOB) group's plan to lead a procession from Kelvingrove in the West End to George Square, and expect double the numbers that attended their most recent event last year.

AUOB estimates that the parade in June 2017 saw in excess of 20,000 participants, up from 8000 on the previous occasion in 2016.

AUOB spokesman Neil Mackay said: “Therefore we anticipate to at least double 2017’s Scottish record and see in excess of 40,000 independence supporters take to the streets for Scotland’s freedom.”

An AUOB member said on the event’s fundraising page: “Glasgow city centre will be brought to a standstill as our independence march traverses through en route to George Square."

The march will be manned by volunteer stewards and Police Scotland will also provide cover.

Mr Mackay added: “Our independence supporters are always on best behaviour as we are all fully aware how the British press likes to twist anything into a story against independence, and we are decent people who desire a decent Scotland, far removed from the negativity expressed from the opposing side.

"Our marches are always safe for young and old to attend and our stewards have extensive experience at assisting everyone from young families with buggies to the elderly and disabled to ensure maximum attendance and the maximum enjoyment of the Yes family’s AUOB events.”

Rallies are also set for June 2 in Dumfries, June 23 at Bannockburn and July 28 in Inverness.