THERE are a group of boys in that squad that are Rangers fans and that should know what the club is all about.

But the team were rabbits in the headlights against Celtic on Sunday and the defeat at Hampden sums up the problems at Ibrox.

There were players doing one thing and others doing another. There wasn’t a togetherness there and it wasn’t a team effort.

That is something that Rangers have always had over the years, a team spirit and a togetherness. We have always had fight, but on Sunday there was none and it was alarming.

There is no aggression in the team. It is too nice and you can’t be nice when you are playing with Rangers.

You can’t be a nice football player, you have got to have a siege mentality to win every single game. Drawing is not acceptable and if you get beat you can be shown the door.

The standards have fallen so, so much and there is an acceptance of mediocrity within the bricks. It is starting to spread too much.

It is just like winning. You get on a roll when you are winning, like Celtic, but when you go the other way it is a slippery slope.

It is starting to spread all round the club and speaking to the staff there seems to be an acceptance now, which just isn’t good enough.

The standards have fallen, the bar has been lowered and we need to get them back to where they were.

That is winning Old Firm games, winning leagues, winning cups and the standards need to be raised on the pitch.

For that to happen, the mentality has to change because right now it is just not good enough for Rangers.

Fair play to Celtic and Brendan Rodgers. I know he is quite big on mentality and he has got that message into his players.

That runs through their club and you could see that belief in the way they played because they completely blew Rangers away. It was men against boys.

I felt that James Tavernier at least had a go. He had the armband on and you could see it was hurting him but it wasn’t enough.

I was surprised that Kenny Miller didn’t start when you consider the experience and the ability that he has, and the Old Firm goals he has as well.

I think the team could have fed off his mentality. I know Kenny well and he has got that mindset that you need at Rangers.

He is the one exception to everything I have said here. I have played with him and know what he is made of and when it comes to mentality, he has got the right one.

After about five minutes, I began to really worry for Rangers because they weren’t pressing and they weren’t getting in Celtic’s faces. It was like a token gesture.

It wasn’t a sprint to get to the player, it wasn’t a solid tackle. It was a jog and a half-hearted effort and you could tell right away that Celtic were up for it more than the Rangers players.

When Moussa Dembele hit the post, that was the first warning sign but I didn’t see anyone grabbing the person next to them and saying ‘right, we haven’t started well but let’s get it together and stay together’.

I didn’t see that leadership on the pitch, I didn’t see a mentality or a team spirit and that isn’t acceptable.

When you are playing with Rangers, it is an absolute gimme, you shouldn’t even need to be asked, that you run as far as you can, tackle as hard as you can, and are aggressive.

That is taken for granted when you pull on that jersey and you come off that pitch with nothing left because you have given it everything in every single game. I just didn’t see that on Sunday.

That was how I got through my Rangers career. When I put that jersey on, I gave it everything.

Sometimes it wasn’t good enough, sometimes it was. But I didn’t see that from anybody at Hampden.

The motivation was there for the Rangers players because they had the chance to go on and win the Cup, and the chance to stop Celtic winning another Treble.

You want to tell your kids and your grandchildren that you played for Rangers, that you won leagues and cups. That is what you are judged on at Ibrox.

You don’t want to turn round and say you played with Rangers but Celtic got the double Treble and we didn’t stop them.

There has to be a realisation in that squad that this is completely unacceptable. It is just not good enough.

There must be a reaction from the manager and the players over the next few weeks to ensure Rangers finish second in the Premiership.

After that, it is going to be a huge summer at Ibrox.