A WOMAN has appeared in court charged with murdering a man with a hammer and knife.

Shadia Abid, 33, allegedly killed Haider Hayat at a house in Raithburn Road, Castlemilk, on April 3.

It’s claimed that, whilst acting with others, she repeatedly struck Mr Hayat on the head and body with a hammer and repeatedly struck him on the neck and body with a knife, and murdered him.

Abid, from Croftfoot, Glasgow, appeared in private at the city’s sheriff court where she was represented by lawyer Matthew Berlow.

Papers from the court allege that Abid, along with others, killed Mr Hayat.

She is also accused of delaying contacting the police and putting bloodstained clothing in a washing machine and trying to clean it.

Prosecutors claim that she “assisted in concealing CCTV from within the flat”, and that she “concocted" a story to tell police officers.

The charge also alleges Abid told others to give the police a false account and that she did this in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

She made no plea and was remanded in custody by sheriff Barry Divers and will appear next week for a full committal hearing.

Earlier this month Muhammed Rauf, 41, appeared in court charged with murdering Mr Hayat at the Castlemilk address.