I played with a wonderful Celtic team. We enjoyed great times and did fabulous things including getting to the club’s first European final for 33 years – but if Brendan Rodgers’ side goes out and delivers a back-to-back Treble then I think that will outweigh any of our achievements.

That Celtic side I was part of was a tremendous squad of players marshalled by an outstanding manager but under Brendan Rodgers, but this is another glorious chapter for the club.

People talked about our team and the Martin O’Neill years, the Seville run and all which that entails, and I have no doubt that in years to come people will talk about what is going on right now in the same vein.

You have to take your hat off to the sheer consistency that has been the hallmark of Brendan’s team.

People will always say that the Rangers team we were up against were far stronger. I get that but you can only beat who is in front of you.

The expectations shot through the roof the minute that Rodgers was unveiled as Celtic manager but if he goes and wins another Treble this year then he and this team are fully deserving of a special place in the club’s history.

You have to respect what they have done.

The standard might have slipped a bit this year compared to how high the bar was set last season but you can’t argue with the success that Celtic have enjoyed.

There were some suggestions over the weekend that Rodgers is on a shortlist of managers who have been earmarked to replace Antonio Conte should he leave Chelsea at the end of the season, while Arsenal and Spurs have both been linked with him.

And ultimately it wouldn’t matter if Celtic offered him a king’s ransom to stay – it will be Rodgers’ decision when he goes and when he feels the time is right to go.

I am as big a Celtic fan as they come and no-one would love it more than me if he was here to give the club ten-in-a-row. It is something that would be sung about for evermore by the Hoops support and it would never be beaten.

But my own suspicion would be that we might see just one more year of Brendan at Celtic. If that is the case then you have to say that three years is a long time in football to spend at one club.

I know that he loves it here at Celtic. His family are settled, he is happy and he appreciates the value of that.

As someone who has played in London I know that you don’t always get that. I played for four clubs and spent a decade of my career in London and if you lose two games at Arsenal you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be someone giving it out to you when you walk down the street.

So although I think there might be an allure to go if there is a club of that ilk who comes in for him, I don’t think it is something that Rodgers is angling for.

It really will come down to him what his next step is but the way I see it is that he will want to make an impact in the Champions League next season. That will be the next challenge for him now.

I think he is a sensible guy, he is a realist and there is never going to be the resources at Celtic t go and ask for silly money but I do think that he will ask for one or two players of genuine quality who could make the difference.

And I think that if there is a player that he really wants and believes will enhance that squad on a European level, that the board will back him.

He has their trust. He has delivered on every front so far. The trophy cabinet is groaning under the weight of silverware that is there just now while the bank balance of the club makes pleasing reading for the boardroom after two successive group qualifications into the Champions League.

There isn’t a chance that Celtic can go and hand out £50m for squad investment but they can push the boat out for a player that might just make the difference for them when it comes to Europe and making a mark there.

But that is for another day to think about. Right now Celtic have the possibility of making a bit of history by doing something that no-one else in the Scottish game has done before and you have to applaud them for putting themselves in that position. It is an outstanding place to be.