CRAFT beer company BrewDog are continuing their fight to install outdoor seating at their West End bar.

The owners have made a second attempt to get permission for chairs and tables at the Argyle Street location, opposite Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Their initial application was refused by the council on the grounds that it would increase noise levels which would negatively impact on the residents living nearby.

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The rejection also mentioned that ‘furniture and barriers would result in visual clutter and would adversely affect the character and appearance of the surrounding area’.

BrewDog has responded by stating that a noise report has proven that the proposed seating area will not give rise to unacceptable levels of noise nuisance to the surrounding residents.

Outdoor seating has been in place outside the pub for six years, when it first opened and, they say, they received no complaints from residents or the council relating to the seating area during this time.

Read more: BrewDog's pink 'beer for girls' divides public opinion

The owners say they were not aware that planning permission was needed and were not advised by the council’s roads department until they went to renew their license at the beginning of 2017.

The first application sought permission for 29 seats, rather than the 52 it previously had, to comply with council guidance to retain adequate pavement width for pedestrians.

Read more: BrewDog's pink 'beer for girls' divides public opinion

Now, the company is looking for permission for only 10 seats directly outside the pub, which would be available between midday and 10pm daily.

Glasgow City Council have yet to confirm whether they will let the plans go ahead.