A MALAYSIAN peanut butter named Jobbie has left Scots in stitches on social media.

The vegan-friendly spread, which comes in both creamy and chunky versions, has been described as "really good and tasty".

The makers, who boast they make the "best peanut butter in Malaysia", caused hilarity after claiming "Jobbie makes every morning better".

Sarah Barwood replied: “I love a jobbie in the morning.”

Being Scottish added: "This Malaysian peanut butter might not sell too well in Scotland. 'Want some Jobbie on yer toast Betty?' 'Emm... no thanks Rab, I'll just stick wi' butter this morning.'"

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As reported by the Evening Times previously, a Canadian company raised eyebrows after naming a high-protein chocolate bar Shyte.

Blair Condie tweeted: "First there was Shyte chocolate. Now there's Jobbie peanut butter. Man, what a time to be alive and Scottish."