ART lovers have flocked to an empty gallery to watch two mechanical snails crawl around the floor.

Artist Urs Fischer has baffled the art world after two the fist-sized mechanical snails crawled slowly across the floor during an art festival.

The Swiss artist's gastropods were introduced at this year's Glasgow International festival in an empty gallery at The Modern Institute in Glasgow last week.

Scots welcomed the shot of humour offered by Fischer as the snails crept torturously around the concrete in a bid to bemuse the public.

The 44-year-old's work is called 'Maybe' and the snails' slow and steady pace is to remind us of a life void of distractions and entertainment.

Fischer has been exhibiting his works internationally since the late 1990s.

His solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland, in 2014, titled Kir Royal, was his first large-scale solo museum exhibition.