GLASGOW rockers Das Plastixx dropped their new single today.

To celebrate the release of You Wait For War, the band will be performing at Audio in the city centre tomorrow with support from Bluebirds and The Bleeders.

About the new release, lead vocalist Jack Mohan said: “I'm excited about the release because it's our first that we've recorded in a ‘proper’ studio. 

“It hasn't been as rushed as our previous releases as we were just desperate to get our material out there, while still finding our feet recording-wise. 

“We're all really pleased with how they've turned out, and hopefully other people are too. 

“In terms of the single launch gig, people can expect to see us sink our little teeth right into a set we all love.” 

Drummer Gavin McCusker added: “I'll have handed in my dissertation by the time the single gets released, so I've got extra reason to celebrate when we play the launch in Audio. It should be a great night.” 

Glasgow Times:

Recorded at the legendary Gorbals Sound, the track is a continuation of the progression into a darker, post-punk sound, littered with elements of psychedelia. The song is a tirade against what modern culture has become – how people are trained to compete and stamp over each other to get ahead in life.

There are nods to the likes of The Black Angels and Placebo, while still maintaining the originality which has led to an ever-increasing following from punters and tastemakers alike. Backed by the synth-heavy, Tubeway Army-esque B-side Alien Again, there is an urgency and swaggering confidence to this new material from the four-piece and is undoubtedly their finest work to date. 

Guitarist Mark Caroll said: "I'm very excited about the release because this is the first time I've really felt that we are making tunes that I would actually listen to as well." 

Glasgow Times:

The last twelve months have been the most fruitful period for the band so far. They have shared stages with some of the most exciting acts in the country, including Rascalton and Fling, and sold-out shows with the likes of The Ninth Wave, and Elvis-fronted Nirvana tribute act Elvana.

Glasgow Times:

Since the start of 2018, the band also released their Button Up EP to a wave of critical acclaim. With You Wait For War, the band seem destined to elevate themselves above and beyond the promise shown on their earlier material. 

Bassist Jamie Bookless stated: “This is the most comfortable we've been as a band with the stuff we've been playing in the studio, so it'll be good to get it out there and play it live." 

The band will also be playing at Callum's Cavern in Paisley on June 9, and at Ivory Blacks on June 23.

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