PARENTS are to be asked their views on plans to change the entry criteria to 18 Glasgow secondary schools.

Proposals will go in front of the City Administration Committee next week.

If approved, a consultation will begin in May with the new criteria starting in 2020.

As previously told in the Evening Times, council plans are to make the entry requirements for all secondary schools the same.

Currently 12 schools are "delineated" - entry is defined by a geographical catchment area.

The other 18 are "non-delineated" - entry depends on which primary school a child attends.

Education bosses want to make all secondary school delineated.

At St Roch's Secondary plans would be to remove the geographical catchment area for St Philomena's Primary, allocate St Stephen's Primary to St Roch's, and remove a small area of shared catchment with All Saints Secondary.

All Saints Secondary School would see St Philomena's catchment area moved to it, the catchment area of St Stephen's Primary removed, and the small area of shared catchment assigned to All Saints.

All Saints Secondary would also share in the small area of catchment currently shared between St Mungo’s and St Andrew’s.

Springburn Academy would see the geographical catchment areas of Barmulloch and Royston assigned to it.

Changes at Smithycroft Secondary would include removing the catchment areas for Barmulloch Primary School and Royston Primary School.

Bosses would also amend the catchment area of St Stephen’s Primary School to include an area of land in Sighthill to the north of the M8 which is

currently part of the catchment of St Mungo’s Primary School.

New houses planned as part of the development of Sighthill.

A small area of shared catchment between Bellahouston Academy and Shawlands Secondary would be created.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years, said: “Over the years secondary school catchment areas have developed as schools have closed, merged or new primary schools have opened in an area.

“The council is taking the opportunity now to look at all catchment areas so that there is a one key- criteria for each of our 30 secondary schools across the city.

“A review of catchment areas was one of our manifesto pledges.

“A single system across all mainstream secondary schools in Glasgow will also make any future catchment area changes in both the primary or secondary sector more straightforward.”