A TAXI driver who knocked down a pedestrian in the street then left the scene has had his private hire licence taken off him.

In January 2016, Alexander McMillan was fined £400 and given three penalty points by Glasgow’s Justice of the Peace for the incident.

It was also unearthed he had two other driving offences, for talking on the phone while driving and running through a red light.

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Councillors on the Licensing and Regulatory Committee at Glasgow City Council questioned him on being a “fit and proper person”.

Councillor Rhiannon Spear told him: “You have a lot of points, what can you do to ensure the committee it’s the end of it now?

“Basically, you need to prove you’re a fit and proper person to drive – this sheet doesn’t convince me.”

At one point, the Mr McMillan had amassed 12 penalty points on his driver’s licence.

The woman he struck in the street, who he claims he did not see, was hospitalised after the incident.

There were concerns raised that he did not remain at the scene and call an ambulance for the woman.

He claimed he felt “unsafe” as pedestrians started shouting at him so left the scene.

Additionally, the driver did not inform the police of the incident within the legally-required 24-hour window.

Councillor Graham Campbell said: “All the offences are about careless driving – using the mobile phone, failing to comply with a traffic signal and hitting someone.

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“They are all concerned with you not paying due attention when driving.”

Convener Alex Wilson commented: “You don’t seem to be very remorseful over any of this.”

The taxi driver of 12 years told how he has since cut down his hours and “feels better” for it.

But it was not enough to convince the committee, which rejected the renewal of his private hire driver licence.