A FLUTE band who celebrated their 45th anniversary this year have lost their instruments in a blaze which destroyed their hall in Glasgow's East End.

Dennistoun Rangers Flute Band had 45 years worth of their history within their premises on Gateside Street before the inferno ransacked it.

We previously reported on the fire, which broke through the roof space of the premises close to The Bristol Bar on Duke Street.

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Firefighters worked through the night to extinguish the blaze which started on Sunday before 4pm.

The fire was eventually brought under control at around 5am on Monday and no one was injured.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, however, said that although the fire was out by 8pm on Sunday, firefighters had to work through the night to dampen down hot spots.

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Now the community is coming together to help Dennistoun Rangers Flute Band, who formed in 1973, regain what they lost in the fire.

The band, who have taken part in parades throughout the UK, lost their instruments in the fire.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up online to help them buy instruments and well-wishers have donated over £600 so far.

The page called ' Helping our fellow bandsmen' states: "As most of you will know, The Dennistoun Rangers Flute Band have just celebrated their 45th Anniversary.

"Unfortunately, due to circumstances out with the band's control, there was a fire.

"They have lost instruments and irreplaceable items due to this fire, not to mention the memories that the band, members and families hold dear to them.

"I am asking you as a loyalist community to come together in this time of need to show the Dennistoun Rangers Flute Band that we are with them in their time of need and will do all we can to ensure that they continue to uphold their beliefs and culture."

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Other flute bands across the country took to social media to offer their support and donations.

One post read: "On behalf of Partick Protestant Boys, we send our condolences with regards to your hall - we hope you come back stronger."

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Another post said: "We all know The Dennistoun Rangers Flute Band Family will be numb after the fire.

"We are all gutted for you too and I'm sure the community of our culture will rally round and help as much as possible.

"The Denny are loved by many and valued very highly within the community.

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"The Band will be back on the road sharpish because you all work as one."

Another social media user said: "Heartbreaking to think what the band must be going through at such a difficult time but the loyalty of the members and support from friends - you will get by! I speak on behalf of everyone when I say anything yous need just ask."

You can donate to the page here https://www.gofundme.com/helping-our-fellow-bandsmen?member=176116