THE “world’s deadliest torpedoes” are being promoted at a conference in Glasgow.

The F-21torpedo and the Black Shark, capable of being used on nuclear powered submarines are on the agenda for the Underwater Defence Technology conference , dubbed as an ‘arms fair’.

MSPs in the city have said it is not appropriate for Glasgow to host this conference which features some of the biggest arms manufacturers in the world.

The three-day conference at the SEC will features sessions on technology like sonar and batteries but also several sessions on torpedoes and one on the next class of nuclear capable submarines.

The F-21 and the Black Shark torpedoes were listed by a defence trade magazine as the “World’s deadliest torpedoes”

A session on the opportunities from the need to equip the Astute and Dreadnought submarines for the next 40 years is the topic of a discussion paper at the conference.

The Dreadnought Class carries Trident II missiles.

Glasgow MSPs have expressed their concerns about the conference being held in Glasgow.

Green MSP, Patrick Harvie, recently raised the conference with First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Mr Harvie said: “It is just one more example of people treating the arms industry like any other business. It is not. Its profits are dependent on the continuation of violence and war around the world.

“These are not the values a nuclear free city like Glasgow should be living with.”

SNP politicians are also not pleased that the city is playing host to the conference.

Sandra White, Kelvin SNP MSP, said: “I am not happy about this conference being held In Glasgow.

“I’ve made my views known and I will be writing officially to the leader of the Council on this. I do not think this is appropriate to be held in a city that is against nuclear weapons.”

Bill Kidd, Anniesland SNP MSP, said he was not against the use of conventional defence weapons but is a lifelong anti-nuclear campaigner.

He said: “I think the reason they have chosen Glasgow could be because of the proximity to Faslane and Coulport and their wish to se that continue as a site for nuclear weapons.

“If they are taking about nuclear armed vessels then I am against that taking place in Glasgow.”

The conference was raised at Glasgow City Council by the Green group and defended by the Deputy Leader of the Council.

David McDonald, SNP councillor and deputy leader, said: “This is a technical exhibition and conference for underwater technology, defence and security.

“What I am not prepared to do is risk the city’s reputation in any way, whether that is in our position in standing against nuclear weapons or if it’s the work that the Conventions Bureau has done to bring conferences to this city.

“That’s over £1bn worth of money that has come to Glasgow that supports jobs in our hotel sector, in restaurants, in shops and in bars. It’s jobs that support Glaswegians.

Mr McDonald denied suggestions that the UK’s nuclear weapons fleet would be discussed.

He claimed instead that topics debated at the exhibition will include “acoustic modelling” and “energy conservation”.

Jon Molyneux, Green Councillor, said: “The SNP position on this is still really confused.

“The SNP can’t have it both ways; claiming an ethical foreign policy and anti-nuclear stance whilst defending cosy corporate get-togethers for arms companies, Trident architects and their elite clients.”

The Underwater Defence Technologies conference is taking place between June 28 and 28.

The organisers said : “It brings together professionals from the military, industry and academia to focus on the cutting edge technologies and developments within one of the harshest environments known to man.”