WHAT is Michael O’Halloran doing? Why was he in the Celtic end watching them win the Scottish Cup on Saturday?

Can you imagine if that happened in my days at Ibrox? You would be told in no uncertain terms that it was completely unacceptable and it wouldn’t be tolerated.

He would have been dug out in front of everybody and there would have been a few home truths stated. There would have been a handful of players, leaders, that would have had words.

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You don’t go and stand with the supporters of your biggest rivals and watch them in a cup final.

Is he trying to get out of Rangers? Is he trying to work his ticket? I don’t know.

It is disrespectful to his team-mates, to the Rangers fans and to the club. There is no excuse for it, it is just not good enough.

Michael might not have had as good a career as he wanted at Rangers and it might not have gone the way he wanted it to go.

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But you still have to be professional and respectful and he certainly hasn’t covered himself in glory here.

The Rangers fans won’t forget it and Michael has shown them, and the board and the manager, disrespect by doing that.

He will have to try and get another team this summer and they will be wondering ‘is this the type of thing that he does?’

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He strikes me as a quiet boy. I don’t know whether he has been mismanaged or he has had a moment of madness and thought it was a good idea. But it is not good enough and it can’t be accepted.