Holidaymakers could save big money on airline tickets this summer by using a new search tool which finds mistake fares. is a website which lets anyone find low airline tickets - often fares which have been keyed in wrongly due to human error.

Mistake fares include those where a decimal point has been added incorrectly - making a fare just one tenth of what it should be.

At other times a currency conversion mistake may have occurred or a simple human error made during data entry. Customers on the site make an average saving of around £300.

The website enables travellers to find the absolute cheapest time to fly in a particular month or even the entire year. The new search tool scans over 1200 sources in seconds to pinpoint cheap flights including mistake fares published accidentally by the airline.

However, airlines are not obliged to honour mistake fares, but, the site says, they often will if they were booked in good faith by genuine travellers.

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The website has been developed by computer programmer Shahab Siddiqui who became skilled at finding cheap airline fares after disability and poor health forced him to make savings when pursuing his love of travel.

London based Shahab has visited some of the world’s most exciting cities despite being confined to a wheelchair by Spina Bifida. He was hit by renal failure ten years ago and then also had to factor in the high costs of private kidney dialysis in each of the countries he visited.

Determined to continue his globetrotting lifestyle, IT whizz Shahab developed a unique computer formula to source mega cheap airline fares across the world - including many that had been listed in error.

With his lap top and lots of time on his hands while undergoing dialysis treatment Shahab began trawling the web for cheap flight deals and soon developed a unique method for finding the best airline prices using flexible flight times, dates and destinations across every airline.

Glasgow Times:

Shabab developed the idea

Some of the ridiculously cheap flights his search engine uncovered included London to Canada for just £45.13 and London to Denmark for just £2.

He called his new tool a META-META flight search and realised he could use his ground breaking new technology to help others save cash on their flight costs.

He launched from his hospital bed and the site now deals with thousands of enquiries each day.

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He said: “The idea for came to me whilst I was receiving dialysis treatment in London. I wanted to provide a site for people like myself who needed to find cheap flights for their holidays as quickly as possible.

“Using my web-programming skills I built the first version of the site which scans 1200 sources for the cheapest fares in the entire year, including error fares and compares major flight comparison sites such as Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, TripAdvisor and Google Flights.

“This allows people to get the cheapest flights in a matter of seconds as each flight company searches a different selection of sources, and prices can vary by 20% across all the different sites.

“The formula is called META-META flight search and it’s why is now the world’s cheapest flight site, with each customer saving an average of £300 per sale I have worked out that we save travellers more than £2m a year.

“I want people who share a love for travel or just need to get away for that well-earned holiday to be able to get the best value for their money. The site has grown so much since its launch and now gets thousands of visits of organic traffic a day which is growing.

“If anyone is struggling with conditions like mine, I would say never let it get in the way of what you want to do and never give up pursuing your dreams.

“My determination to keep on seeing the world led me to start up my own business, a business that I hope inspires others to broaden their horizons using value travel.”