SEASONED journalist Tom Shields has launched a quirky discovery guide for those looking to explore Glasgow’s hidden gems.

Tom, whose career with our sister titles The Herald and Sunday Herald spanned a staggering five decades, appeared at the Glad Cafe on Pollokshaws Road on Wednesday night.

‘111 Places in Glasgow That You Shouldn’t Miss’ has been described as “not your average guidebook.”

Focusing on the interesting, the unusual and the under-appreciated, readers will discover curiosities that have spent years hiding in plain sight and delight as local treasures are given their due in front of a worldwide audience.

Among the 111 places are a selection of fascinating trees, statues of Victorian politicians, churches, buildings converted into music venues, restaurants - and even an indoor mountaineering centre.

There are also must-see shipyards, iconic pubs, patisserie, square sausage, stunning visual art in galleries and on gable walls.

Tom described how he has always wanted to “write a tome about my home city” and “couldn’t refuse” the offer when he was commissioned to write it.

He said: “The remit was to remember that 111 places is more than a guide book, and I was free to write in my peculiar style developed over 25 years in charge of the Herald Diary column.

“The result is a personal look at Glasgow in the 21st century, often through a rear view mirror.

“The publishers describe it as a wealth of local knowledge and engaging anecdotes which will guide the reader round a huge variety of intriguing sights, unique venues and surprising corners of this great city. Who am I to argue with that?”

He added: “It’s certainly a handsome-looking book, richly illustrated by photographer Gillian Tait. Gillian is author of 111 Places in Edinburgh and edited a number of books about other cities. She is a meticulous editor who tamed the excesses of this wayward Glaswegian writer.”

Order the book via Amazon here.