A FED UP school community has taken a unique new step to tackle rogue parking at a primary.

The Evening Times has long told how parents drive and park dangerously around city schools.

Now Lourdes Primary is to urge commuters to "park and stride" under a new scheme developed thanks to the local supermarket.

Parents and pupils making their way to the Cardonald school by car will be asked to park in nearby Morrisons and walk the rest of the journey.

The plan was dreamt up by local councillors Elaine McSporran and Alex Wilson after the parent council asked for help.

Elaine said: "The parent council at the school is fabulous but we all know how hard it is to break habits and how determined some parents are to drive.

"It is an issue the school has been trying to address for years now.

"We know this happens across the city but at Lourdes it seems particularly bad because the school is in a cul-de-sac so it becomes very congested.

"There were a few near-misses with pupils and so the parent council knew something had to be done."

Elaine approached Morrisons supermarket manager Martin Smith and asked if the school could use the carpark for parents at pick-up and drop-off times.

Martin agreed and so a plan was hatched to create the "park and stride" initiative.

A full school consultation took place with organisers walking several routes to school and grading them.

There are now two different choices - the "young mountaineers route" at 390 metres and the "young trekkers route" at 440 metres.

Pupils who take the "active route" - a slightly hillier journey over Moss Heights - 50 times will achieve a certificate.

There are also plans by the council's Traffic and Road Safety Department to put up route signage for parents and pupils to follow.

Elaine added: "The school had tried a number of initiatives but none worked.

"We really hope parents get on board with this and, given we held a full consultation and took all view points on board, I am really hopefully this will make a difference.

"The Morrisons car park always has empty spaces so this won't affect shoppers either."

Elaine is now hopeful that other schools around the city will copy the model, both cutting congestion and helping pupils stay fit and active.

She said: "With the help of Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, I'm going to be pushing this for other schools and hopefully local businesses will get involved."