ROWDY festival revellers who are a nuisance to communities living next to the TRNSMT site at the Glasgow Green can now get reported via a dedicated phone line given to local residents.

Police Scotland’s top cop Superintendent Hilary Sloan revealed that community cops have been listening to the concerns of local residents, who are worried about the impact the six-day event will have on their area.

And now the force is taking a proactive approach to tackling the issue.

Superintendent Sloan said: “There will be a dedicated phone line set up for members of the community with regards to anti social behaviour so that police can act on incidents when they happen.

“It allows for us to deploy the officers where and when required as opposed to waiting three days later.”

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Glasgow Times:

TRNSMT returns for a second year on Friday with headliners The Stereophonics. The event will play host to Liam Gallagher on Saturday and the Arctic Monkeys on Sunday. The following weekend, Queen and Adam Lambert will headline on the Friday while The Killers will perform on the Sunday before Bruno Mars is the last show at the site on July 10.

Superintendent Sloan said: “We deployed officers prior to the event to make sure they have an understanding of community concerns.

“DF concerts in partnership with police and the council have also done a number of community drop in events with the locals to make sure all the partners are cited on any issues that they might have.”

Glasgow Times:

The policing operation for the popular festival will be huge with thousands of revellers expected to descend on the Glasgow Green for each day of the event which runs from around noon to 11pm each night.

Superintendent Sloan will be based at an events room in Govan Police Station where she will oversee the entire policing operation for TRNSMT.

Senior officer Inspector David Pettigrew will be at the event itself handling issues that may arise on the ground.

Glasgow Times:

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Superintendent Sloan said: “It’s a pretty big event for Scotland and we have a lot of resources from Police Scotland.

“There has been a lot of planning and preparation going into it with ourselves and our partners.

“We have been working for several months now to make sure that this is the best possible event we can provide for the people of Glasgow and outwith.

“I am completely confident that we have got the correct plan in place and we have an excellent partnership working with everybody.”

Specialist resources which will be working the event included Police Scotland’s mounted unit, dog unit, dive and marine unit and road policing.

There will also be uniformed and plain-clothed officers used in the operation which will extend outwith the festival area to the local community.

Glasgow Times:

The key message from Superintendent Sloan to revellers is to “be responsible”.

She said: “People who are coming along to the event need to be responsible and to think about what they are bringing with them and what they are doing.

“We want everyone to have a good time, that is the whole point of it and we want people to enjoy themselves but we expect them to be responsible too.

“Look after each other as well, don’t drink to excess because people end up being unwell or they lose their friends.”

A zero-tolerance approach will be taken to those intent on taking drugs into the event with sniffer dogs on hand at the entrances to catch revellers who have illegals in their possession.

Superintendent Sloan said: “Don’t take any drugs, you don’t know what is out there so why take it in the first place? It is a threat to your health.

“There will be welfare tents on site within the venue if anybody does begin to feel unwell. They will be able to go there and get assistance.”

She added: “The reality is if people are found in possession of drugs they will dealt with accordingly . My advice would be not to even consider bringing any drugs with them nor to take any prior to coming to the event.”

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Pyro thugs intent on lightening up flares within the crowd were also warned by the top cop.

She said: “Don’t bring anything like flares into the venue. They are really dangerous.

“It is going to be a busy event with lots of people and we want to make sure everybody has a real good time.

“Pyrotechnics could kill because you are in such an enclosed environment where there is people all round about.

“It’s not worth the risk and public safety is our priority.”

Glasgow Times:

Armed cops will not be part of the operation despite the threat level of “severe” but are available to be deployed anywhere in Scotland should their assistance be required.

Superintendent Sloan said: “There is no requirement for armed officers.

“My message would be please be vigilant and if you are concerned about someone who looks suspicious please make sure a steward or police officer is made aware and we can deal with appropriately.”

With several other events taking place including Fiesta X Fold in Glasgow’s West End, the city will be at capacity over the weekend.

But Superintendent Sloan insists that the policing operation is robust.

She said: “We are big organization and they will be sufficient resources.”

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