A TERRIFYING video has revealed the dangers of covering a pram or pushchair in the heat.

The shocking clip posted by Babybanden shows the temperature quickly rising in the pram which has been covered by a blanket - hitting temperatures of almost 40 degrees compared to 33 in the uncovered pram.

Some mums commented they had done this in the past believing they were shading their baby from the sun.

One said: "I saw a new mum with her baby's pram covered over with a thick blanket.

"I had a friendly chat about the dangers of overheating.

"She was grateful for the information and uncovered her baby straight away.

"The problem needs to be highlighted to all new mums."

Advice from the NHS is to keep babies under the age of six months out of direct sunlight, especially around midday, and stay in the shade instead.

Tips to keep you child safe in the sun: -Encourage your child to play in the shade – for example, under trees – especially between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its strongest.

-Keep babies under the age of six months out of direct sunlight, especially around midday.

-Cover exposed parts of your child's skin with sunscreen, even on cloudy or overcast days. Use one that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or above and is effective against UVA and UVB. Don't forget to apply it to their shoulders, nose, ears, cheeks, and the tops of their feet. Reapply often throughout the day.

-Be especially careful to protect your child's shoulders and the back of their neck when they're playing, as these are the most common areas for sunburn.

-Cover your child up in loose cotton clothes, such as an oversized T-shirt with sleeves.

-Get your child to wear a floppy hat with a wide brim that shades their face and neck.

-Protect your child's eyes with sunglasses that meet the British Standard (BSEN 1836:2005) and carry the CE mark – check the label.

-If your child is swimming, use a waterproof sunblock of factor 15 or above. Reapply after towelling.