TWITTER is an odd place.

I sent out a message last week about Dedryck Boyata being “worth” £50m and people very much got the wrong end of the stick.

I got a lot of flack, much of it from Celtic fans, so let me explain what I meant.

Nobody is worth that amount of money. Okay.

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My point was that if John Stones can command that kind of fee, which of course he did, then why not the same for a player at least close to his level and who is enjoying an outstanding World Cup.

This has been written before Belgium's game with Japan so I hope the big man doesn't let me down by having a stinker.

Footballers are like houses in that they are only worth what people are prepared to pay.

The transfer market is so ridiculously inflated that hardly anyone bats an eye at £50m for a centre-half.

That was my point.

I broke a club's transfer record a few times, but there is no way I would say I was worth that sort of money.

However, that was the going rate back then and today it's gone through the roof.

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Boyata, for me, is a fine player who over the last year or so has come on a lot, and now at the World Cup, has shown himself to be a top class defender.

Celtic's problem is that he has a year left on his contract. They need to get him on a long-term deal with a hefty buy-out clause.

Listen, Neymar was a £199m buy for PSG and, brilliant player though he is, even he isn't worth close to that.

The market has gone beyond daft. My point was if Virgil van Dijk moved for £75m and Stones for a little under, then why shouldn't Celtic hold out for a fortune should someone come in for their man.

There are good players, no more, going for £20m and more. Astronomical fees don't necessarily mean you get an astronomical player.

And Another Thing

I AM a proud Welshman but please spare me this 'Anyone but England' nonsense.

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I spent many happy years playing in English football for six great clubs and did very well out of it.

My good fortune was to play with and against some of the best English players of all time and even now when I work with the BBC, I have Alan Shearer, as good a striker as I have seen, beside me as a colleague.

How can I not like them.

They play Colombia today, it should be a brilliant watch, and if they get through then good luck to them.

It's been a fascinating World Cup and if our neighbours do well then we I will congratulate them.

But I won't be jumping for joy is they win.

I won't support England in the truest sense of the word.

What I would say is those English pundits who are looking to the final need to calm down.

My old man told me never to get carried away with the highs or lows and simply to concentrate on the here and now.

And enjoy it if that were possible.

England have a chance of getting to the quarters which, for me, would be a huge improvement and genuine success. I just wish Wales were there. And, of course, Scotland.