HILTON Park Golf Club has embraced the award-winning female-focused social coaching programme love.golf to show women in and around Glasgow that golf is not just a man’s game, with one-day experiences set to commence in late July and early August.

Introducing the game within a relaxed, social environment, the award-winning love.golf programme enables women to learn how to play golf on the course with a group of other beginners, rather than taking a series of technical lessons on a driving range.

Stuart Smith, PGA Professional at Hilton Park, said: “Love.golf is a completely new approach to getting women involved in golf, and is ideal for those who might not have thought golf was for them.

“All the equipment is provided, you can wear jeans and trainers and you don’t have to be a club member, or even have played golf previously.”

Love.golf was launched in 2015 following an academic study at the University of Birmingham looking at how golf is taught to women, with its core principles shaped by ongoing research into what women want from their golf experience.  

Stuart added: “Love.golf is here to transform the game’s image, welcoming a new generation of female golfers and families. When you have a group who are helping, supporting and encouraging each other, the learning dynamic is incredible.”

Now available at a number of venues across the UK and Europe, love.golf’s innovative practices saw the programme win the prestigious European Golf Course Owners Association’s (EGCOA) Contribution to the Golf Industry Award.

For more information and to book a place on one of the experience days at Hilton Park, call 0141 956 5125. To find out more about love.golf, visit: love.golf.