THE majority of Evening Times readers have said they do not want to see Orange Walks banned in Glasgow.

Our poll came on the day tens of thousands of people put their name to a petition calling on Glasgow City Council to call time on the parades.

We asked readers the question: “Do you think the Orange Walk should be banned in Glasgow?”

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From a total of 19,547 votes, 12,015 (61%) said no while 7,532 (39%) voted yes.

While in no way a scientific poll, it could provide an idea into readers’ views on the divisive annual parades.

Over 50,000 people have signed a petition in under 48 hours to ban the march in Glasgow.

In the wake of the petition, the council said a meeting with council officers will be held this week “as it’s perhaps time to review our procedures in light of a number of factors.”

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The march came under fire after a priest became the centre of a hate crime, prompting a police appeal for investigation.

Canon Tom White had been speaking to parishioners outside St Alphonsus Church on Saturday when he was spat on twice before being lunged at by a man with a baton.

The Archdiocese of Glasgow said both Canon White and his parishioners had been “subjected to vile abuse.”

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Police Scotland is working to identify those involved in the attack and are trying to trace a man aged between 20 and 30 with a shaved head.

Jim McHarg, Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, came forward to condemn the attack.

He said: “I, like so many others, was appalled to hear the reports of the incident that happened outside St Alphonsus Church in Glasgow on Saturday. Verbal abuse is in itself unacceptable, but allegations of spitting is vile and disgusting, and we hope those involved are brought to justice.”