THE doll and I were looking to spice things up on Saturday night and I had been hearing lots of good things about this joint in a small Cumbernauld village.

Winner of curry awards and the talk of Condorrat, I thought Dalshannon Farm is bound to be the place to tickle my tastebuds.

I fired up the Buick as doll face was applying another lashing of fiery rouge lipstick, and we headed along the M80 to treat ourselves to an Indian.

I pre-booked our table on the blower, so when I arrived I was instantly shown to a cosy seat near the back of the restaurant.

Dalshannon Farm has outdoor seating, a restaurant and a function room, so the venue caters to all sorts of events.

The place was buzzing, a good sign already I thought. But it had a cruise meets Benidorm vibe. Granted I am no spring chicken, but Dalshannon Farm was packed with couples in their golden years ready to liven up their Saturday night.

That aside, I was here for the grub, and there was lots of it on offer.

We kicked off things with traditional Indian starters. I opted for the onion bhaji which comes in rings or original. Her Ladyship decided on vegetable pakora. The starters arrived quickly and heated up our palates with each spice offering a new taste sensation through the variety of dips on offer. A side salad helped cool things down before we were ready for our mains.

Next I ordered a chicken tikka masala, after a lengthy discussion with the waiter about Toots latest allergy against nuts.

She decided on the 'nut free' chicken karahi bhoona. We also ordered two pilau rice sides and some garlic naan bread.

I have to admit after a good start with my first course, I was disappointed with my chicken tikka masala. It tasted a bit bland. I wanted a curry full of flavour but instead of devouring each bite, I ended up leaving most of it to concentrate on my rice instead.

I wolfed down most of garlic naan bread which was just so tasty. The flavours and texture was a taste sensation. I really couldn't get enough of the stuff.

Toots, however, lapped up her bhoona. It was full of flavours and enough spice to satisfy her hunger.

There was several high points during my visit to Dalshannon Farm, mainly the garlic naan bread, which I would easily go back for.

The bill, however, came not itemised and when I asked for a receipt again, I was just given a final total which was unexpected in this day and age.

To be frank, though, I was disappointed in my curry. When an Indian has a buzz about it, you expect the curry to be top notch. Mine was more korma looking than masala, and missed the spot of delivering a tasty dish. Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the most famous dishes on the Indian restaurant's menu. It was invented in nearby Glasgow so you kind of want it to be the best thing on the menu at Scottish Indian restaurants, and in this case it sadly wasn't.

Dalshannon Farm, 99 Main Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, G67 4AY. Telephone: 01236 739133

Food **

Atmosphere ***

Service ****


Vegetable Pakora £3.75

Onion Bhaji 3.95

Chicken Tikka Masala £8.95

Chicken Karahi Bhoona £9.95

Pilau rice £5 (x2)

Garlic naan £3.15

Drinks £11.50

Total £46.25