THE Prime Minister has ruled out Glasgow opening a safe drugs consumption room.

Theresa say said there are no plans to allow safe drug consumption facilities.

The rejection comes just weeks after Scotland’s drug death toll rocketed to more than 930 and Glasgow’s fatality total doubled in under a decade.

Glasgow City Council wants to open a facility where heroin users would take the drug in a controlled facility.

Evidence has shown it reduced the risk of overdose and more drug addicts take advantage of the support and help available from health professionals.

Theresa May was challenged by Alison Thewliss, Glasgow Central SNP MP at Prime Minister’s Questions.

She said: “There were 934 drug related deaths in Scotland last year each one of those deaths is a tragedy and a preventable one at that.

“Drug laws are reserved to Westminster. How many more families is the Prime Minister prepared to devastate before she will allow Glasgow to get with the work to build a safe consumption facility and save lives.”

The Prime Minister said she agreed each death due to drugs is a tragedy

However, she then said: “There is no legal framework for the provision of drug consumption facilities in the UK and we have no plans to introduce them.

“A range of offences is likely to be committed in the operation of drug consumption rooms and it is for the local police forces to enforce the law in such circumstances and we would expect them to do so.

“Our approach to drugs remains very clear. We must prevent drug use in our communities, support people dependent on drugs through treatment and recovery.”

Councillor Mhairi Hunter, Chair of Glasgow’s Health & Social Care Partnership, said: “It is time for a radical new approach to tackling drugs and drug treatment. Glasgow’s proposed Safer Drug Consumption Facility would help save lives.

“Failure by the UK Government to support the introduction of a pilot facility in Glasgow appears to be at odds with the stated position of promoting evidence-based approaches to reducing drug related harm, as well as the opinions of the Government’s own Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and Police Commissioners who support these proposals.”