THE Moll was drooling, and not for the first time. This time, it wasn’t the sight of the latest dreamboat on those trashy afternoon soaps she wasted hours watching, she was just back from the dentist.

I didn’t like to suggest that the sweet treats she hoovered up while watching Dr Kildare, might have had something to do with all the mercury in her molars.

I could just about make out that she was hungry, through the haze of the novocain, so we headed uptown to Kelvinbridge, fast becoming one of hippest locations this side of the River Clyde, with a string of new restaurants, cafes and boutiques opening up.

There was one of the newest additions that I’d had my eye on for a while. Non Viet, at 609 Great Western Road, seemed to be causing quite a stir among the student and well-to-do folks for authentic Vietnamese cuisine. I’d also sniffed out they do takeaway but don’t accept plastic yet, so I had made sure my pockets were stuffed full of dollars to treat Toots to the full Far East experience.

The website was still listing the restaurant at Sauchiehall Street but I had a hunch it had relocated and vowed to sniff out that lead later.

We were immediately shown to a table and I cast my eyes around. It had a lovely ambience, with bright décor and drop lights and flashes of the Orient. Toots was already sizing up the chopsticks so I wasted no time in ordering up some prawn crackers for her to get her swollen kisser around while we eyeballed the menu.

Our minds were quickly made up by the sound of the summer tofu and spring veg rolls, so we ordered up a portion of each. Blondie wasted no time in devouring the Spring version, a generous portion of four, which are wrapped in rice paper to give extra crunch and came with a delicious soy sauce.

It was my first experience of summer rolls and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a softer, rice roll, stuffed with vermicelli rice noodles, shredded lettuce and and fragrant herbs. It came with a delicious satay sauce that had an edge of sweet caramel. I quickly pulled it away from Toot’s manicured talons, warning her about another trip to the dentist’s chair.

The service is swift and friendly and we had barely finished our last mouthful of starter when the mains arrived.

Blondie plumped for the lemongrass and chilli, traditional vermicelli rice noodles, served with tofu, which came with shredded lettuce, cucumber, the restaurant’s own pickled carrot and topped with a sprinkle of peanut and homemade sauce.

The Moll made appreciative noises but didn’t utter a word for at least 10 minutes until the plate was cleared. I’d gone for the Coconut Tofu Curry, simmered with vegetables and fragrant lemongrass and it was mouthwateringly good, just the right side of sweet and served piping hot. I’d chosen to accompany it with a hearty portion of egg fried rice that seemed a lot lighter than the usual variety.

Our appetites completely sated, we had no room to try out the delicious sounding desserts on offer, which included mango spring rolls with creamy coconut sauce and fried ice-cream, well it is Glasgow.

Service ****

Food ****

Atmosphere ****


Summer Tofu Rolls £6.30

Spring Rolls £6.30

Prawn Crackers £2


Coconut Tofu Curry £10.50

Lemon Vermicelli Noodles

with Tofu £9.90


Pineapple juice £3.60

Saigon beer £3.70

Total £42.30