ANGRY shoppers have hit out at pigeon poo blighting a City Centre shopping street.

It is thought a combination of nearby building works and hot weather has caused Sauchiehall Street to clog with bird dirt.

Glasgow City Council said the area - from Renfield Street to West Nile Street - is cleaned regularly.

But our pictures show how bad the issue really is as droppings cake the street.

And passers-by said recent rain turned the area into an slip hazard as the dirt turned into slime.

James Mullen said: "I work nearby and I've never seen it as bad as this.

"This stretch of the street is caked in pigeon dirt. It's revolting.

"There seems to be a lot more pigeons recently as well, probably because the demolition works mean they don't have as many places to roost."

The neighbouring section of Sauchiehall Street is closed for works following March's Victoria Nightclub fire and the subsequent need for demolition of the block of buildings.

Kirsty McColm said: "I only come up to this bit to go to Poundland but it's disgusting. I don't walk across it, I go round it, because even though it's dry I don't want it on my shoes.

"When it rained the other day it was pure slime. There's no way it's been recently cleaned."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said a power washer is used regularly and the main city centre streets were all cleaned in the week before the pictures were taken, including Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street and Argyle Street.

He also said the area would be checked again.

The spokesman said: "We have a city centre power washer that is regularly used to clean the streets, particularly where there are build ups of food waste or bird droppings.

"This cleaning often takes place overnight or early in the morning.

"We will check on the area that’s been highlighted in the next 48 hours and take whatever action is necessary."