I think Stevie Gerrard has been listening to me a bit too often.

I heard his comments the other day about everything going against Rangers and thought to myself that he’d got that one the wrong way round! No doubt about it, it’s the wrong way round that’s all I’ll say.

In my time at Celtic we always felt that decision went the other way and folk used to scoff and bang on about conspiracy theories. But I scored two perfectly legitimate goals against Rangers – one in my debut at Ibrox and another in a semi-final – and both were wrongly chalked off for offside.

They were blatantly on. I mean blatantly on….a blind man would have called them as being onside. So don’t give us this chat about decisions going Rangers’ way.

In my experience as a player for Celtic and playing against Rangers there was never any question of us getting the rub of the green. I get that everyone feels that decisions don’t go for them but I just thought that Stevie must have been listening to us a bit too often there.