GLASGOW councillors have vowed to challenge the stereotype that politicians are “self-serving” and “power-grabbing opportunists.”

A new award scheme is being launched to recognise elected member who go ‘above and beyond’ to fight for the communities and residents they represent.

The Councillor Achievement Awards is seeking nominations for Glasgow City Council’s elected members for a grand ceremony in November.

Local government thinktank LGiU is running the awards and say councillors often go unappreciated and unnoticed.

Jonathan Carr-West, chief executive of LGiU, said: “We live in difficult times and it’s easy to be cynical, but actually, there are good men and women out there doing an amazing job for their communities and we ought to tell those stories.”

Nominations are open for more than 1,200 councillors across Scotland.

There are six categories, including a community champion, finance, digital, health integration, education and leader of the year.

A similar awards is held in England and in Wales, but this is its debut in Scotland.

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, has told how local government has a vital role in communities across Scotland, delivering “cherished” frontline services and inspiring economic growth.

She said: “But many in local government often feel a sense of frustration that our role is undervalued or is seen as secondary to the theatre of our parliaments.

“There is so much talent, ability, passion and vision in local government it’s unfortunate that it is often overlooked.

“So, events like the inaugural Councillor Achievement Awards go some way in redressing this.

Nominations close on September 20, and then a panel of judges will then select a winner for each category.