SOME 6000 children across Glasgow are set to benefit from free school meals as Cordia ups its offering to primary four pupils.

The free primary school meals policy, introduced in 2015 for P1-P3, is now set to serve up a free Fuel Zone lunch to P4s.

The increased access to the policy, funded by Glasgow City Council, could mean more than one million additional free meals are served within the school year.

Julia McCreadie, Cordia’s head of Encore and facilities management, said: “We’re thrilled to extend the free school meals policy to primary four children in schools across Glasgow.

“As the figures suggest, parents are seeing savings of hundreds of pounds, and it is our hope that a large uptake of free meals for P4 will see these savings increase even further.

“We are constantly reviewing and updating the Fuel Zone menu with input from staff and parents to offer a healthy and enjoyable meal for children and we’ve seen the benefits of this as the Fuel Zone uptake continues to grow.

“Parents are encouraged to take full advantage and enjoy cost savings while their children enjoy a variety of healthy nutrition meals.”

From January 2015 until December 2016, 5,124,916 P1-P3 pupils received a free meal, helping parents save up to £363 per child per year.

Fuel Zone’s 123 Choices menu gives pupils a range of options to suit their dietary requirements, all of which are compliant with the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007.

Children can select a main meal and a drink and dessert and choose as much fruit, vegetables, soup and bread as they like.

Halal, vegetarian and medical dietary requirements are also available each day when required.

Cordia also provides free milk for all pupils at lunchtime.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills & Early Years said: “It was really the natural step to expand free school meals for all P4s and I’m delighted that we announced this as part of our budget in February.

“We want to do all that we can to help Glasgow’s families and this is another saving that I know will be welcomed and the children benefit for a nutritionally balanced meal every school day.”

Cordia has provided catering services in Glasgow City Council’s 135 primary, 30 secondary and 24 Additional Support and Learning (ASLs) schools since its establishment in 2009.