I HAD never seen Toots looking so flustered. That kid was running rings round her.

She didn’t have much experience with the ankle biters and it showed.

Blondie had promised to look after Betty Draper’s 9-year-old for a day after having one Gin Sling too many last Saturday night.It was less than an hour in and things were getting desperate.

I had a hunch that taking the pair of them out for a high tea might calm things down a notch.

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After shoe-horning little Patti June into her coat, we headed to the Buick and revved up for our short journey to the Strathmore pub and restaurant in uptown Maryhill.

The joint has been open for a while but I’d heard a rumour the menu had been changed and wanted to see if they could cater as well for the young team as well as the older diners.

It’s a nice looking restaurant, with plenty of space, chic wood panelled furniture and a small al fresco section if the weather Gods are smiling.

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On this occasion, it was a little too sharp to brave the elements so we settled on a four-seater that was suggested by a friendly gal.

There’s plenty to choose frrom whether you like surf, turf or the plant variety of grub.

I’m banking on them having fish and chips but I was disappointed when the waitress told me they only serve up the dish on Friday as a Fizz and Chips deal, with Prosecco, for £15 and occasionally as a special at the weekend. I applaud their conservation but think it should be a pub staple.

I took another look at the menu and settled on the ratatouille vegetable tart, while Toots was tempted by a pan roasted chicken dish.

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The kids menu offers three choices, tomato pasta or fish and chicken goujons, all served up with fries (and priced £5 with a drink and a scoop of ice-cream) and Patti settled on the Italian staple.

We settled back in her chairs with a couple of glasses of vino blanco and a pineapple juice for the kid and waited for our food to arrive.

And waited.....and waited....and waited...

The kid was better behaved than us as we sat, growing hungrier and angrier by the second. Toots had turned a nasty shade of red and was threatening to walk out.

It was a good 45 minutes before the meals finally arrived. But was it worth the wait?

I was relieved by the portion size of my dish, they served up two ratatouille tarts, the Mediterranean vegetables melted into the flaky pastry tarts and it tasted as good as it looked.

Thankfully Toots was equally pleased with her pan roasted chicken which was served with Barbecue and tarragon glaze, fondant potato, carrot puree, green beans and red wine jus and devoured every mouthful.

It’s a little on the pricey side at £12.95 but keeping Toots quiet was worth every penny.

We were so busy busy tucking into our dishes that we didn’t notice the nipper had barely touched her pasta and after a mouthful I realised why. It was drowned in pepper. Note to kitchen staff, young children like plain food, nothing too spicy or seasoned.

Blondie was less than happy about having to part with her last bit of chicken to keep the kid quiet. The waitress kept things on an even keel by offering the kid an extra scoop of ice-cream before we settled the bill and and headed back to the Buick.

Food - ***

Service - **

Atmosphere - ***



Pan Roasted Chicken - £12.95

Ratatouie Tart - £10.95

Tomato pasta (children’s menu) - £5.00


Ice-cream (part of children’s menu)


White wine - £5.80

Pineapple juice - £2.50

TOTAL £37.20

Strathmore Bar, 795 Maryhill Road. 0141 946 331