GLASGOW gangsters Arthur Thompson and Paul Ferris will feature in a new TV documentary.

The city’s first Mr Big, Walter Norval will also be among 100 infamous hoods to be charted in series British Notorious.

A TV crew plans to feature every major player in UK crime over the last century, including modern-day villains who have never appeared on camera, reports The Scottish Sun.

Writer Christian Simpson has joined voice actor Steve Wraith, filmmaker Joe McLean and photo-journalist Brian Anderson for the project.

He said: “I’ve been working with an incredible team on what will be the biggest television UK true crime series undertaken.”

It is also understood that a big name presenter is in talks to narrate the series which could air in 2020. 

An advert for British Notorious promises a “rare look behind the curtain of cold-blooded killers and the hardest b******* in British criminal history”.

It adds: “We will hear from our subjects’ family members, the cops who hunted them and where possible, the villains themselves.”

It is not known what network the series will be aired.